Premiere Orlando Bonika Shears FREE Cutting Classes

Premiere Orlando Bonika Shears FREE Cutting Classes

Don't miss out on these cutting classes at the show in Orlando June 1-3. In a nutshell, these are the classes:


DIY Care for Your Cutting Tools (Bonnie Megowan) 11-12pm in W224H


The 4 “S’s” Cutting Technique 4-5PM (Dave Ray) in W224H


High Gear Cutting System (Bonika Shears Cutting Team) 11:30-12:30 pm in W224H

Barbering for Today’s Cosmetologist (Denise Marie) 1-2 pm in W230C

Class Descriptions: 

DIY Care for Your Cutting Tools

Save money for your salon when you know simple DIY tips for maintaining shears and clipper blades. Bonnie Megowan is an award winning Master sharpener renown for her knowledge of beauty shears. Learn how simple correct tool adjustments can make your cutting crisper and smoother with edges that last longer. Gain a better understanding why shear selection is crucial to stylists income and creativity. Bring your shears with you to class to get the most benefit as you practice some of the tips demonstrated by Bonnie. This is a class every salon owner, instructor, stylist and barber needs to attend. Educator Bonnie Megowan 

The 4 “S’s” Cutting Technique

Discover how your haircutting can be sexy, smart, sophisticated as well as simple. Learn this easy technique from Dave Ray a.k.a. The Beauty Surgeon. This class will help you to quickly and easily create the look and styles your clients want using the right shears and techniques. This class will give you more confidence in customizing your haircuts. In addition you will learn from shear expert, Bonnie Megowan how to recognize your cutting personality and how to use this information about yourself in your approach to cutting and tools selection.  Educators Dave Ray and Bonnie Megowan

High Gear Cutting System

This high energy class with proven techniques will rev up your speed and excitement. In addition, shear expert, Bonnie Megowan will answer your tool selection questions and give you shear knowledge that will save you money. Educators Bonika Shears Cutting Team. We are hoping Frances Dubose will be able to make an appearance!

Barbering for Today's Cosmetologist

Up your men's game!

Denise Marie shares technical skills, tips, and technique for the cosmetologist in 2019.

The fastest growing sector of the industry, men's cuts and styles, are a blend of old school classic barber skills and up to the minute execution skills. Learn the secret to dealing with " the line", problem hairlines, and necklines. Hone your skills to compete and excel in the world of men's grooming. Also learn DIY tool tips from award winning sharpener, Bonnie Megowan. Keep your blades and shears performing and cutting better. 

Come by our booth 4889 for deals at the show and sharpening. Meet the educators after class. 

13th May 2019 Bonnie Megowan

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