Shear Excitement - DVD

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Learn Doug Clark’s techniques of selling scissors. Doug has been one of the top distributors of Bonika Shears in the US. He is the owner and operator of DC Sales and Sharpening in Dayton, Ohio and is a Salon and Day Spa consultant. Doug has had extensive background in the beauty industry in operating a large salon and day spa in Dayton and as a sales manager for both a beauty supply distributor and a hair color line. At such he has been involved in sales training to the beauty industry. You will feel like you are one of the audience at the 2005 Sharpeners Jam Session where Doug spoke. Listen to sharpeners ask pertinent questions and offer their experiences in the field. This is not a motivational DVD, although it will motivate you to sell more shears. This video will give you practical knowledge about selling shears utilized successfully by a sharpener who is selling to the beauty industry everyday. This is a 1 ½ hour presentation on a DVD format.

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