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Saturday Morning Workshops (fee) (link to Educator Bios http://www.bonika.com/sharpeners-jam-educators-bios/)


  • Aligning Shears: Bending, Hammering and Twisting. Dennis Brooks of Sharp Edges Instructor. Learn how to correct the set in shears through various methods as used in the factories. His is a hands-on class. Bring any tools you might have to create set in your shears. Tools are available to use in the class. 
  • Sharpening Clipper Blades. Jason Sturm and Brandon Smart of the Edge Pro Instructors. This is a refresher or introductory class on sharpening clipper blades. Sharpening will be done on the Nebraska Blade Clipper Hone. 
  • Introduction to Sharpening Surgical and Clinic Tools. Dean Koeneman of DK Industries - KY Instructor. Learn basic surgical sharpening using flathone and other equipment. This is an introductory class with an overview of the opportunities in this field. You will learn some hands-on sharpening you can use in the small clinic and veterinary office.


Saturday Afternoon Workshops (fee) (link to Educator Bios http://www.bonika.com/sharpeners-jam-educators-bios/)

  • Sharpening Shears on the Flathone. Bonnie Megowan of Bonika Shears - Atlanta: Great refresher course or introductory workshop. Bring your flathone and waterstone or arrange to buy or borrow at the show. Emphasis is on the convex edge shear although other types of shears will be addressed as well.
  • Sharpening Curves, Thinners and Textuizers. Lou Gean of The Sharper Side - Illinois:  Learn the secrets of correctly sharpening three of the most difficult of all types of shears to sharpen. 
  • Challenge Blades Workshop. Jason Sturm & Brandon Smart of The Edge Pro - IA:  Learn how to correctly sharpen the 5n1 blade, trimmers, adjustable blades, large animal blades and more. 


Saturday Evening Workshop - FREE  (link to Educator Bios http://www.bonika.com/sharpeners-jam-educators-bios/)


  • How to sell shears to hair salons. Gene Megowan of Bonika Shears - Atlanta 


Sunday and Monday Presenters (Schedule to Come) FREE (link to Educator Bios http://www.bonika.com/sharpeners-jam-educators-bios/)

  • Dani Roeher of Wells Fargo Small Business Consultant - Atlanta: Best Banking and Finance Organization for Small Businesses (free)
  • David Finete of Finetech - Atlanta: Credit Card Processing Knowhow and Pitfalls
  • Don Kimenker of Coast to Coast Sharpening - NJ-CA: Organizing your client lists and setting appointments
  • Bonnie Megowan - Bonika Shears Atlanta: Sharpening Scary Scissors on the Scimech HD
  • YOU!  Sharpeners will each share a idea, a hack, a concept, a trick that has helped them in their business. (no sales presentations)

jam sharpening workshop

Friday or Tuesday Private Sharpening Class with Bonnie Megowan limit 2 students Details