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Sharpeners Jam Educators Bios

Jam Educators:

Dennis Brooks - Dennis is the owner of Sharp Edges in Decatur, IL. He is the vice president of the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild and is a Grand Master Sharpener as well as a sharpener judge. He markets the Hamurguri Sharpening system as well as other equipment.  

Bonnie Megowan - Bonnie is the founder and owner of Bonika Shears, as well as, an award winning shear sharpener. She is the only woman to achieve the highest score in the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild Master Certification. Bonnie is the inventor of the Coil Comb for creating twists and dreads and a contributor to various publications and text books. She can be seen in numerous educational videos for stylists and sharpeners and is a sought-after guest speaker at cosmetology schools, sharpening conventions, webinars and hair shows throughout the United States and abroad.

Gene Megowan - Gene Megowan is the national sales manager for Bonika Shears. Gene had many years in sales with a fortune 500 company as a territory rep. As Bonika Shears grew into a family business, Gene took on the marketing. His Masters Degree dissertation with Phoenix University was in the market feasibility of the first Bonika Shear. He has developed a non-pressure sales method for presenting Bonika Shears to the stylists that has increased sales, but even more so has resulted in high repeat and referral sales. Gene teaches marketing techniques to sharpeners and shear distributor and has innovated techniques that have been copied by others in the industry. 

Jim O'Donnell - On The Edge Sharpening was started by Jim O’Donnell in 1991. Jim has spent the past 20+ years sharpening and helping sharpeners grow and expand their businesses both independently and as the head sharpener at Wolff Industries. Jim publishes two media tools to help the sharpening industry, On The Edge Newsletter and his blog JimSharp. As a marketer and branding professional Jim has helped numerous sharpeners and cutting professionals increase their market share in their local towns and cities.

Jason Sturm - In the past 10 years, Jason has also came to be a recognized authority on clipper blade sharpening and repair and has served on several boards and sharpening guilds.  His staff of thirteen has trained hundreds of sharpeners, repairman and women either through our in shop training or in sharpening shows.  

Jeremiah Sammons - Jeremiah as a celebrity stylist and educator from Houston Texas. He also has a Masters in Business (among other degrees) and consults with major businesses on how to brand and market their business. He spoke at the 2016 National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild Convention to rave reviews. 

Brandon Smart - is an expert in clipper blade sharpening and all things sharp. He works at EdgePro with Jason Sturm and is one of the top authorities on clippers.

Carrie PadillaCarrie Padilla is a former Hair Stylist turned Sharpener. Her 10+ years in the hair industry give her valuable insight into the mind of a stylist. She will share some of the basics of hair lingo which will help sharpeners feel more comfortable talking with stylists about their tools and how they use them. Having just started her sharpening business in May 2016, she will also discuss some of the basics of setting up a sharpening business. This part of the hour will be more of an interactive discussion with class participants.

 Dayna Schleufer Dayna is a Grand Master Sharpener and has an innovative mind applying his previous skills as a razor sharpener for THE ART OF SHARPENING and the 30+ years’ experience in cutting and installing marble, granite and tile.

Steve PailletSteve owns Van Go Sharpening has extensive experience in dental tool sharpening. He has been a previous presenter at the Sharpeners Jam and the Sharpeners Guild.