Sharpeners Guild to become a Non-Profit

National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild has filed papers to become a non-profit organization. After a round table meeting inAtlantain July, the leaders of The Guild felt it was important to make the organization accountable with the highest integrity and continuity by operating for and by the sharpening community.


The idea of creating a non-profit for NBTSG Guild came from Jesse Hockett, sharpener fromAlabamaand a NBTSG Guild member. After first being met with skepticism his idea has been met with enthusiasm by all involved. The original plan is to have Bonnie Megowan serve as the first president with Dennis Brooks as vice President and Jesse Hockett as secretary. (It is to be noted that all three sharpen with different sharpening equipment.)


Vendors present at the meeting voiced a concern that they wished to be included in the organizational structure. Bob Schiessl agreed to head the clipper blade certification committee along with Jason Sturm. Dennis Brooks will oversee shear sharpening certification while Bonnie Megowan will direct the educational line-up of the conventions.


The meeting was video taped and is available to view at Those in attendance expressed openness to include the guild members from the now defunct NSSG and to be more responsive to the concerns of sharpeners. The current year function was already planned by the Bonika Shears company, but future conventions will undoubtedly reflect the input of the individual committees that will serve to organize the guild.

9th Aug 2013

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