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Scimech Scissor Sharpening Flathone

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Product Description

Bonika Shears recommends the Scimech Flathone for sharpening their shears. Why? Because it is the best machine on the market for the sharpeners to give the stylist who use Bonika Shears the original edge. Bonika Shears perform better year after year when sharpened correctly on a Scimech. No other machine does a better job for the stylist. 

Smaller is better.   Sharpen in the tightest location in the busiest most crowded salon. Light enough to save your back.

Stronger is better.  Enough power to put a mirror polish down. The torque to sharpen at slow speeds with consistent power. Other equipment bog down and slow as you apply pressure requiring you to sharpen at higher speeds and remove too much metal.

Swivel is better.    Rotate the flathone to the position that suits you best. Change your mind tomorrow! Give your shoulder and elbow a rest. You can stand or sit with total comfort in any position. Other equipment offer only the option of standing or sitting on a tall stool in a hunched over position.

Simple is better.   Compact sharpening equipment, easy to use. Pack your supplies, equipment and tools and work right in the beauty or pet grooming salons. Less attachments to your machine makes everything easier to carry. Store your supplies and tools together in a separate tool box. You full spectrum light Tensor light (included) is cooler than halogen lights. Since it is not attached to the machine it is easier to put it in the correct position and keep it out of your way. Water is simply sprayed on as needed instead of a messy drip system that often floods your area.


The Scimech clamp can sharpen both left handed shears and right handed shears with almost no adjustment to your equipment. Rotate through the entire face of the blade for a correct convexing and precise repeatable angle position. There is no weight on your hand since the clamp and shear rest on the arm and you merely rotate the blade. Some sharpening equipment that say their clamp mirrors free-hand sharpening. Free-hand sharpening can cause damage to the small nerves in the hand. Our clamp and equipment has been inspected by a noted hand surgeon and hand physiologist to be more ergonomic for the wrist. Both right handed and left handed sharpeners can use the clamp with ease. Any length shear can be sharpened and you can sharpen with the shears together (as recommended on most bevel and low-end shears) or apart. Our convexing scissor jig holds the correct angle for sharpening making it easy to convex or bevel a pair of scissors. It allows you to sharpen every radius a shear may come in, which can vary between 500mm to 1500mm. Some Bonika Shears like the Fishbone have a very low radius and others like the Bonika Baby have a high radius. Sharpeners learn in training how to maintain every radius or curve on a shear. There is no optimum single radius that is best on every shear.

Scimech is better.
Perfect for in-salon sharpening of quality beautician shears as well as other shears. Only Scimech sharpeners can become full service Bonika Warranty centers.

The Scimech includes the following items:

 International contacts, please email us with the voltage and electrical requirements for your country. There are additional charges for wiring the Scimech for overseas operation. Shipping is additional and will be added later. You may order here on line or we strongly suggest that you call us first before you order so we can send out the correct DVDs for you to watch BEFORE you receive your equipment and we can help you order any additional supplies that you will need that do not come with your equipment.


Two forms of financing available: 


Equipment Financing

Equipment Leasing Partner of Bonika Shears

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty

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Product Reviews

  1. Faster than a Twice As Sharp

    Posted by PaulAuriemma on 5th Aug 2014

    I have been sharpening scissors for over 25 years using the Ookami Gold and the Twice as Sharp from Wolff Industries. I recently decided to become a full time sharpener and started to wonder if my equipment was the best thing for producing the best edge while also being easy to use. I can now say it's not. I purchased the Scimech and am not only impressed but truly amazed. It's easier to use and twice as fast. I sharpened 8 pairs of scissors at a salon yesterday in 2 hours. One pair was beveled so I decided to use the Ookami and all I can say is after the Scimech it's seems archaic and crude to say the least.

    Paul Auriemma
    Edgeware Sharpening Service

  2. Equipment and supplies were of great quality.

    Posted by Daniel Roa on 13th Aug 2013

    I just wanted to tell about the service and support that I received from Bonika shears while I worked as a sharpener. I met Bonnie who is an exeptionally qualified person when it comes to shears and the shear sharpening business. Anytime that I needed help with shears I could always call on Bonnie or her staff who gave me the support that I needed. Their equipment and supplies were of great quality. I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking a part-time or even a full-time business to either sharpen shears, buy and sell shears to visit Bonika's website at bonika.com to see for yourself what great products they have to offer. Along with their exceptional supplies and products the customer service that I received made me feel like family. Go to Bonika's website today and see for yourself. Contact their office support and speak to their staff who can direct you on what will work best for your needs. Happy shears!

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