Marketing Playlist for Sharpeners

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This is a a playlist of Youtube videos. Some of these links are public Youtube video and some are private listings. You may access it from any of your devices while on line and if you have Youtube Red can download it to your mobile devices. This set is free when you purchase the Salesman Kit. 

  1. How to get your beauty shears sharpening business Bonika Shears                        13:50 minutes
  2.  How to set up a sharpening Routeby Bonika Shears                                              13:41 minutes
  3.  How and why in selling shears to the hair stylists and groomersby Bonika Shears                 19:55 minutes
  4.  HOW TO SELL HIGH END SHEARSby Bonika Shears                                           53:45minutes
  5. THE WHY'S AND HOW'S OF SELLING SHEARSby Bonika Shears 1:27:54   minutes
  6. COSMETOLOGY SCHOOLS ARE GOLDMINESby Bonika Shears 33:13   minutes
  7. TRY BEFORE YOU BUYby Bonika Shears 51:03   minutes
  8. How to Sell Shears and Double Your Income with Gene Megowanby Bonika Shears1:02:53 minutes
  9. Hair Lingo for the Sharpenerby Bonika Shears 1:00:43   minutes
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