Jam 2015 DVD - Best Ideas from Sharpeners

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Best Ideas from the sharpeners who attended the 2015 Sharpeners Jam in Atlanta, GA. Many ideas from the sharpeners. 

Do you sharpen rotary cutters for quilters? Nasty little things and the equipment to sharpen these is pricey. Steve Pailet came in third place for the prize creating. See how to create a device to sharpen these quickly.

Pat Henley who created an Excel formula for back calculating the taxes. So you can create a price that will be an even number and include the taxes. Works great if you forget to charge tax and need to back out the amount you will need to pay Uncle Sam. 

Jim Turner shows how to repair thinners that have had the notches removed. Harrry Megowan demos his new and improved portable, rolling sharpening table with fold down legs, folding stool and tool box. Dayna Schleufer  shows his home-made container and holder for his prized Shapton glass stones. Casper Kuyper presented one of my personal favorites with a pad to protect the surface of your working area when sharpening. 

Marketing ideas that were popular included “Do the Lil’Things” from Jay Hunter and the “Magic Paper” from Ron Dewitt. 

The top idea was from Dennis Brooks for a blade transport and second place went to Lugene Tompkins for his home-crafted handle and blade bender designed for left and right handed shears. These and other ideas on this DVD.



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