Clipper Blade Sharpening Business

Clipper Blade Sharpening Business

clipper sharpening  Learn to sharpen clipper blades and make extra income

The average cost for sharpening a set of clipper blades is $5.00. (We charge $6.00) A clipper blade can be sharpened much more quickly than a pair of shears turning out 15 or 20 per hour. Clipper sharpening can be run as a home based business. Bring in clipper sharpening through 


  • *Mail-order and the internet
  • *Pick up from the shops
  • *Drop off locations at pet supplies,, equestrian supplies and beauty supplies
  • *Sharpen on location at the shop with a portable clipper sharpener
  • *Pick up and deliver to the individual shops
  • *Add clipper sharpening to on on going business store front such as a small appliance repair shop, key shop or mail box shop
  • *Collaborate with distributors of beauty or pet supplies to bring you the clipper blade sharpening
  • *Set up a mobile sharpening van and sharpen inside your clipper blade sharpening van at the various shops

You may think of other creative ideas for finding clipper blade sharpening.

Our Clipper Blade Sharpening Hones come in two sizes to meet your needs. Either of these machines will sharpen Andis clipper blades, Oster clipper blades, Wahl clipper blades and other clipper blades. We also provide training.

Which Will Be Best For You?

Our small Clipper Hone weighs only 20 pounds but it sharpens just as well as the big guy! The small size (11” square) with high walls and detachable lid makes it clean and easy to bring in and take out of the salon or sharpen at a trade show. If you are doing a larger volume of clippers at home or in the van, we suggest the Big Clipper Hone. Both machines are made for Scimech by Nebraska Blades. 

We suggest you download the full information package which will give you more information on clipper blades sharpening as well as shear sharpening and product sales.

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