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What's all the noise about these new hones? Finally, the Contour Hone Stones and Rideliner Pro are now Free to Watch on Youtube

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Bonika Shears is proud to have been able to make both the contour hone stones and the Rideliner Pro videos available free on Youtube as of today. These tools were created by a sharpener trained by the Bonika Shears team, Dayna Schleufer of Shear Mechanix in Charlotte, NC. He is continuing to create tools that make sharpening easier and better for the professional shear sharpener who sharpens for salons and groomers. Today we have reduced the price of the contour hone stones and have made the videos for both the contour hone stones and the revolutionary Rideliner Pro available FREE on Youtube. Please subscribe and watch the videos on our Youtube channel to become the best sharpener you can be. Bonika Shears is all about education for the sharpener.

Youtube videos

Rideliner Pro Video

Sharpening Curved Shears with Contour Hone Stones

Sharpening Beauty Shears with Contour Hone Stones

How to Maintain Your Contour Stones

These are some frequently asked questions about these products

1. Will the contour hone stones fit the Rideliner Pro?

Yes. The stones are now the same size. If you have a set of the original contour hone stones they are a larger.

2. Can I use the contour hone stones without having the Rideline Pro?

Yes. The videos on Youtube will show you how.

3. What is the difference between Binsuie Japanese Contour Hone Stones and the Shapton Japanese Hone Stones?

Binsuie cuts better and the Shapton lasts longer.

4. Are the contour hone stones breakable?

Yes, very! No warranty on breaking.

5. How do I maintain the contour hone stones?

We suggest you use the 3000 Grit DMT Waterstone. Watch the Youtube video for that purpose. https://youtu.be/BFT83Oq7YHc

6. Do you offer private training in sharpening?

Where do I get the Scimech machine used in the video?

7. Why is the Rideliner Pro better than using the contour hone stones alone?

The Rideliner Pro will give you a flatter more perfect rideline (zero angle) the contour hone stone will give a slightly relaxed rideline.  

8. What are the Links to purchase these? Rideliner Pro and Contour Hone Stones

9. How do the Contour Hone Stones compare to the pink ceramic stone and the white ceramic stone from Wolff Industries? 

The ceramic stones from Wolff Industries are very good and we still sell them. However, the contour hone stones will give a more accurate and smoother ride to all types of shears. This is why we have switched to the contour hone stone instead of the Wolf ceramic stones in our start up kit for new sharpeners beginning today.