​What is the difference between the Sharpeners Jam and the Sharpeners"s Guild?

The Sharpeners Jam is a Bonika event. About half of the sharpeners use Bonika's Scimech Flathone for sharpening and most sell Bonika Shears. There is a strong sense of comradery often called a cross between a family reunion and revival. The emphasis is put on sharing experiences, tips and ideas that will help your fellow sharpeners. All of the vendors (many are the same as at the Sharpeners Convention but some are different) are companies that their products are available for purchase through Bonika Shears. Although there will be a pre-certificatiion test available for the Guild. The only competition is who can bring the best idea to share with the other sharpeners. This year the entertainment will be by the sharpeners who can perform muscially. The Jam is about inspiration, encouragement and education. The Sharpeners Jam is FREE although the workshops previous to the Jam have a cost. The hotel is not convenient to the airport, but is just $69.00 per night. The Jam is held at the same location each year.

The Sharpeners Guild Convention is an event centered around certifying sharpeners. The emphasis is to raise the standards of sharpening and improve sharpening ability. The workshops, which in many cases are the same as the Jam will have more emphasis on how to pass the certification. The vendor room is larger with more of a variety of vendors. The sharpeners will also be more varied and will have a number of different methods of sharpening and sharpening equipment. Clipper blade sharpening and groomer sharpening will play a larger role at the Guild. There is a little more tension in the air since the certification also has the element of competition since the top scores will be announced. The Sharpeners Convention is in a larger hotel and costs incurred will be higher. The location of the Sharpeners Guild varies by the year.

17th Apr 2014 Bonnie Megowan

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