Top Beauty Shears, Best Beauty Shears; Which are the top and best hair scissors?

In answer to the questions which are the top beauty shears or which are the best hair scissors; I ask what is the criteria. If someone asked which is the top Bonika Shears beauty shear I could offer several answers. First the Jazzy Shear is our top selling shear, it sells well because it is a good basic scissor at a budget price. It is even the shear of choice by barbers like Damon Redding and Ivan Zoot. We sell a lot in bulk to many of the cosmetologist schools because of the quality, warranty and the price and the fact that each has a unique serial number. It is our TOP selling shear overall, but it is not usually the top selling shear at hair shows.

The all-time bestselling shear at the hair shows are the Bonika Silk Shears. These shears have been around since 1997 and have consistently showed their reliability for a moderate price sturdy shear. I have often likened them to the SUV of shears for all purpose use. However, judging by sales of the last hair show, the bestselling shear is usually based on the preferences of the platform artist working with us and their preference. Recently at the last Bronner Brothers Hair Show Mario McDowell used the Bonika International. It was his favorite shear and sold well because it is designed for multicultural hair, curly hair and dry cuts. In Ohio Premiere Show last October, Rhonda Brown was cutting with the curve shear which nearly sold out leaving very few for the Birmingham Premiere Show. There Roberta Marshall was cutting with her favorite shear which is the Firefly. Once again the Firefly was the best selling at that show. In the New York International Beauty Show this last week-end, both Christina Carsillo and Yancey Edwards were using the Bonika SeaShaper Curve and the Fishbone for cutting dry curly hair and these were the best sellers.

Occasionally, we don’t have platform artists at the shows and it is interesting to note which shears sell the most without the outside influence. In all these cases in the last two years the Bonika Rose was the best seller although the Fishbone Shear and the Dragon Shear would sell well.

Cost remains a big component it which hair shears sell the best. For instance, our SHOTO shear at $1122.00 will never be a top seller although in my opinion there is no shear better at any price. What this all comes down to is this: gather opinions from stylists that you trust, feel and cut with the various shears you think may be a good possibility for you, then get the best you can afford. Many of the shear reps will allow you to make payments. Look at the warranty closely and ask what does it cover. Find out if you can use your local sharpener or if you must send them back for sharpening. Question the reputation and history of the company. Some new companies will claim this famous stylist and that famous stylist use their shears. You will find, if you ask, that these famous celebrity hairdressers were given these shears and may never actually use them.

If you do your homework, you will find the best shear for you and it will change your life and the lives of your clientele.  

9th Mar 2016 Bonnie Megowan

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