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The Bonika International Shear. What makes it special and how to sharpen it.

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So, what's up with the Bonika International Shear? What makes this shear so special?

The Bonika International is Bonika Shears Flagship Shear. It was the first shear we debut in 1997 at the Bronner Brother's International Hair Show. It was the first shear designed for cutting multicultural hair. Since then, it has gone through changes but has kept the uniqueness of the blade.

On the tip of the International scissor is a microserration installed here at the Bonika Shears facilities. These serrations are created with diamonds and allow this shear to cut crisply and precisely all the way to the tip.

This short video will discuss the difference in the Bonika International Shear and will show the way sharpeners can reinstall the Bonika Tip. It is important for shear sharpeners and scissor sharpeners who decide to sharpen this shear to watch this video clip on how to sharpen the Bonika International Shear. 

The serration file and the Bonika International can be ordered through the Bonika.com website. Also, Bonika offers sharpening training at their facility in the Atlanta, GA area.