Review of the Disco Lefty Rainbow Shear

Review of the Disco Lefty Rainbow Shear

This month we are featuring the left handed Disco rainbow shear. Although, many of you know, I am not a fan of the PVD coating on shears, I must admit, this is a really pretty shear. The way the rainbow pattern  of the coating is applied each shear has a unique look with shades of purple, pink, crimson, yellow, gold and more blended together. This is a true lefty which means it crosses backwards from other shears and cuts smoothly with a hollow ground and rideline.

While I can't jump up and down about the coating on the shear, I must admit the screw mechanism is one of my favorites. The front is like a prism or "disco ball", hence the name. On the back one must use a UFO tool to adjust it. This means a customer can't pick up the shear and monkey with the screw. 

Underneath the screw head, inset into a well area is a small metal plate that has a raised bump or nipple. this must face out toward the screw and it prevents the screw from backing out and loosing up. The plate is hidden and recessed so that hair can't get stuck in it like in a traditional leaf type spring. Now it can be a problem if you lose the UFO tool, but the stylist should not need to adjust the shear after a day or two of cutting and the washers have set into place.

All that being said, I think this is an excellent shear for the left handed stylist. It is smooth, sharp, 440C Japanese steel and is easy for most sharpeners to sharpen if they have the right equipment and training. The color protects hands that are nickel sensitive and rings can be added to the finger holes to reduce the size of the holes and enhance the beauty. 

The shear of the month special ends on January 31 and remember you must be registered and login to the website to see your price. 

1st Jan 2015 Bonnie Megowan

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