Report on the 2016 Sharpeners Guild Convention

Last weekend in Kansas City the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild held their annual convention. Bonika Shears once again had the privilege to attend the oldest and largest sharpening convention which certifies both shear and clipper blade sharpeners from all over the world. Shear sharpeners from Brazil, Portugal and New Zealand attended as well as USA sharpeners. One Canadian sharpener who was on the board of directors was to attend, but had his jeep flooded out in the Iowa floods!

Bonika Shears, CEO, Bonnie Megowan once again remained on board as the president of the  NBTSG and is still the only female MASTER CERTIFIED SHARPENER. New board members were elected and about half of those sharpeners who attempted certification were certified. There was only one Master Level certificate in the shear and blade sharpening category. That went to James McGrew of Nebraska in shear sharpening and Martin Huxley of New Zealand in blade sharpening. 

Next year's convention will be in Chicago. A sharpeners cruise is planned for 2018. Those interested in joining the Sharpeners Guild can go to The website is undergoing transitioning again for the organization and will be updated with details soon. 

The Sharpeners Guild is an organization owned and operated by individual shear sharpeners. They are looking for members who will be active in the organization in order to advance the art of sharpening. 

Members who attended the 2016 Sharpeners Guild Convention

Current Board of Directors: Dayna Schleufer, Jason Sturm, Dennis Brooks, Lou Gean, Craig Swanson, Loren Della Betta, James McGrew, Bonnie Megowan and Eddie Noakes (not pictured) Mystie Hunter is the secretary / treasurer

30th Sep 2016 Bonnie Megowan

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