Perfect or Your Money Back Guarantee from Bonika Shears

STOP! So your new shear is not perfect, for whatever reason. Don’t panic. Give Bonika Shears a call at 770-972-4332 and tell us what is wrong. We want you to be perfectly happy and in love with your shears.

What does the “Satisfaction Guarantee Policy” mean with the Bonika Shears family? This means if a Bonika shear you purchase from us is not perfect for whatever reason you can send it back for a refund or exchange. This applies to both the stylists who purchase our shears from us directly, stylists who purchase from our distributors and the wholesale distributors and sharpeners themselves. For all three, there are a little different rule to govern these returns.

  • For a stylist who purchase from us directly at a hairshow, their school or salon or in our shop, they have 30 days to return the shear. They must return the shear in “like new” condition. If they are local, we will attempt to come to you to pick up the shear or you may be asked to send it back by insured mail. We request that you call for a RA (Return Authorization Number) because we would like to talk to you before you send them back. However, if you return shears in 30 days without the RA we will still honor the satisfaction guarantee agreement. Any refunds are based on the actual purchase price of the shear with quantity discounts taken into consideration.
  • For a stylist who purchase from a distributor we cannot return your money since you did not pay us directly. However, the distributors usually have their own satisfaction policy which can be 2 weeks to 30 days. Please call them first if you are unhappy. If you don’t receive satisfaction from them, contact us here at Bonika and we can at least give you credit for the returned shear toward another purchase. Call us, we can often reason with the distributor and reach some sort of agreement that makes everyone happy. That’s what family is all about.
  • For a distributor or sharpener please check your shears when you get them. We check them in-house but sometimes a shear slips through that is less than perfect. There have been times when we were bringing in shears from a specific factory and their quality suddenly switches. It is interesting how identical shears can come from different factories but cut and perform very differently. We have to be alerted when things change in the performance of shears so we can react accordingly.

What is the distributor return policy?

  • Shears can be returned for a refund within 30 days
  • Shears can be returned with a 20% restocking refund after 30 days
  • Shears can be returned for full credit exchange for an unlimited amount of time as long as the shears are new and a current model.
  • Shears can be returned for exchange at any time even if not new and resharpened if a defect is discovered. Example is a screw that will not remain tight.
  • Any refunds are based on the actual purchase price of the shear with quantity discounts taken into consideration.

Please call before you return shears for an RA (Return Authorization) number. After discussion, you may be given permission to attempt to fix the shear and Bonika assumes the responsibility.

For all returned under our satisfaction guarantee policy there is one cardinal rule…


If you have a shear resharpened without permission, we will have no idea of what the original problem was to correct future problems and we cannot and will not accept the return. (This excludes our usual manufacturer defect issues)

Additional note. This policy covers all Bonika brand shears, but may also apply to other shears we carry based on our relationship with the company. Just call, email or Facebook Message… don’t panic. Your family is here.

17th Mar 2016 Bonnie Megowan

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