Jim Turner’s Creative Winning Ideas at the Sharpeners Jam 2018 Best Ideas Contest

The Sharpener’s Jam winning idea came from Jim Turner of Gaffney, SC. Jim always knows how to repurpose one item for another with his creative turn of “Git’R Done” attitude. When you don’t have a bumper to fit a shear, whether it is a pull through or screw on, Jim discovered a colorful solution. Jim purchases the bag of watercolor paint brushes for children from WalMart and puts the tapered handles into the hole for the bumper. The tapered ends will fit any of the scissors. He uses a little super glue, cuts off the excess length to the right height between the handles and melts the protruding back section to keep the new bumper in place. Only Jim Turner would look at paint brushes and see a bumper. Several years ago he suggested using weed-eater plastic string to make bumpers especially on shears like the older Yasaka that don’t have a pull through. I’ve kept several rolls of different size weed-eater string on the shelf just in case. Now that will be joined by a colorful bag of paint brushes. Thanks for the tip!

Jim also had a second idea which was not the one he put for the best idea vote but I personally thought it was the best idea of the day. This was a trick he said he had been using for over 15 years. Why did you wait so long to share it Jim?

Jim sharpens a lot of groomer scissors and poodle groomers often are very particular about the tip of the shears whether they can cut that fine poodle hair. Jim keeps cotton balls in his sharpening area to test the tip of the scissors to see if they pull hair. The fine cotton hairs of the cotton ball simulate the fine hair on a poodle. I want to test this for other cutting applications to see if this works well on beauty shears. Often a shear that has been sharpened will pass a wet tissue test but can continue to pull fine hair at the tip. This may be just the trick to catch those problems before the stylists do. That’s one more thing that will join my mobile sharpening bag. 

 Reprint from On The Edge Newsletter for Sharpeners. 

18th Apr 2018 Bonnie Megowan

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