How to set the alignment on scissors and shears

I am constantly asked, "Where and How do I Bend Scissors and Shears to Correct the Set, Alignment or Curvature of the Blade?"

The most requested workshop and information asked for by experienced shear and scissors sharpeners whether beauty shears or pet groomer scissors is in regards to correcting the set or curvature of the blade. Thanks to one of our California based sharpener's phone call today, I decided to share some diagrams that help me. I actually had these illustrations and referred to them when I passed and received the top score when certifying for Master Shear Sharpening at the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild a few years back in St. Louis. these diagrams are courtesy of Casper Kiser when he worked at Oster Products and are drawn by the Arius Eickert company. He gave me permission to use these on our DVD's and for instruction. 

If you want to learn more about how to bend or set shears I would recommend the following DVD's

Here are the diagrams that have been so helpful to me in setting shears. 

14th Oct 2015 Bonnie Megowan

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