H-42 Product review

H-42 Product review

I just added a new product on our Bonika website today which I like very much. It is not a new product to me. Back in 1988 when I began sharpening shears I discovered this disinfecting oil and used it to oil shears that I sharpened and sold their product to my customers. I especially liked the jar of H-42 for cleaning clippers. I had noticed many of my customers who used the cooling spray made by various manufacturers would cause their clippers to rust and also rust the shears if they sprayed them as well. There was a lot of water in these products. The H-42 was old-fashioned barber shop looking, but worked so much better on their clippers and shears since it was 100% oil based. Also, the fact that it was anti-bacterial and killed HIV was a boon.


Over the years, I stopped selling these products but continued to use them in oiling shears, cleaning clipper blades when sharpening and in other uses in our shop. Then last month I had a call from Michelle at H-42 out of the blue. She is the daughter of Ronald Hampton Sr., the chemist and owner. I was more or less re-introduced to a product I have always respected. I was surprised to learn H-42 is an Atlanta manufactured product, which renewed my interest.

Yesterday, I was at an Atlanta area school where all the students were using an aerosol cooling disinfecting spray on their clippers and shears. I noticed all their clippers were noisy and the shears that I sharpened were very rusty in the pivot area even those of high quality brands. I introduced H-42 products to the teachers and was surprised they were unaware of the oil based disinfectant. We followed the directions as seen in the Youtube video below to clean a clipper and immediately could hear a difference in the sound of the motor. Then as an experiment as I was sharpening, I dropped the rusty screws into a small cup with about a teaspoon of H-42. After sharpening when I retrieved the screws, they were shiny, clean and rust free with a slight silky oily non-greasy feel that made the pivot area feel really smooth as the shears opened and closed.

Today, every barber, groomer and stylist who came to our shop to have clipper blades sharpened, I was able to sell them a jar of H-42. It was an easy sale and a little extra profit for the day.

So, I will be adding the H-42 products to my sharpening kit and salesman bag from now on when I visit the salons and mention it in my Shear Knowledge Classes at the schools. I am so glad Michelle gave me a call.

11th Feb 2016 Bonnie Megowan

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