Fastest Way to Get Your Money Back on Your Credit Card When You Have a Dispute

Fastest Way to Get Your Money Back on Your Credit Card When You Have a Dispute

If you have a problem with your purchase, of any kind this is the fastest way to get your money put back on your credit card. This works 90% of the time and for the times it does not work, you would probably not get your money back anyway.

Step 1. DO NOT contact your credit card company. The credit card company will delay the process of getting your money put back on the card. The credit card company will not return your money until they have given the business in question ample time to answer your complaint. This could take months on your part to get your money. The credit card company immediately takes the money from the merchant and holds your money while everything is investigated. This means no one has the money but the credit card company during this time period.

Step 2. FIND the PHONE NUMBER of the business where you have the dispute. The phone number is usually on your credit card listing on your statement. You can also google the business and find the number or email very easily.

Step 3. POLITELY call the business during business hours and inquire about the charge or the issue. Ask to speak to the manager in charge. You may find this is a legitimate charge and you may have caused the small business you are working with irreparable damage if you had called the credit card company first. Did you know that a credit card dispute that takes the money immediately out of a small business account without warning can cause a domino affect of bounced checks on their part? Also, if a small business gets too many of these contested charges the credit card companies can refuse to allow the small business to take credit cards. The credit card companies do not tell you this. They are at no risk when they guarantee your purchases.

Step 4. State CLEARLY what you would like to have done to rectify the problem. If a refund is in order or other steps, the small business can immediately handle this getting the money back on your card the same day or the corrected merchandise or service handled with alacrity.

All this is part of the GOLDEN RULE. Put yourself in the place of the small business and give them a chance to please you and make things right BEFORE you make that call to the credit card company.

After attempting to deal with the individual business fails, you always have the recourse to call the credit card company. If you call the credit card company first, it is too late to call the business and get a quick refund.

25th Jan 2018 Bonnie Megowan

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