Easier way for sharpeners to get "Gold Level" pricing

This is the simplest way to get an extra 25% off the wholesale price if you are a sharpener. This idea was based on the suggestion of one of our sharpeners who wanted to be sure he maintained Gold Level pricing. We will set up a revolving charge of $100.00 per month using your credit or debit card (you select the date each month). This $100.00 will be credited to your account from which you can purchase shears throughout the 12 months. If you are buying more than your available credit, we simply charge you the difference. However, this will enable you to buy at the Gold Level without needing to make an initial "buy-in."  This is especially helpful for the ones who sell drop ship on the internet. Call Mystie Hunter at 770-972-4332 for details.

Bonika Shears want to make it easy and profitable for you to sell your Bonika Shears. Please remember our MAP policy when selling shears. 

3rd Oct 2017 Bonnie megowan

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