DIY Beauty and Barber Scissors and Shears Sharpening

For those who follow Youtube, you will find several instructional DVD's on how to sharpen beauty scissors, sharpen barber scissors and even clipper blades. Hair stylists and barbers who have followed other Youtube instructions on hair cuts, barbering, and more may feel very comfortable following a Youtube instructional video on how to sharpen your own scissors or your own beauty shears. The truth is, usually the instructor is not very knowledgeable and is shown sharpening a very low quality barber scissor with a bevel edge. A convex edge shear must be sharpened in a very precise way and with the right equipment and know how to achieve the correct results. 

Last Friday I had a local stylist come by our offices in Snellville, GA and bring 5 pairs of expensive beauty shears to me for sharpening. All had rough edges, scratched ridelines and felt crunchy with a distinct grating sound when they closed. She admitted to me she had watched a Youtube video on how to sharpen scissors at home and thought the DIY instructions would help her save money. 

I understood how she could have tried this on one pair of her cheapest scissors, but here she had 5 pairs. She decided to sharpen all 5 pairs of shears before she tested them on cutting hair. Now she had 5 pairs of shears that she had to pay to have sharpened before she could work in her salon since none of them would cut at all. 

She then asked me if she could get a discount because she had so many shears. I told her, I should charge her more for sharpening if I charged for stupidity.

The 5 scissors were repaired by me, but they will never be like brand new because of the excessive amount of metal she removed in trying the DIY video on shear sharpening. 

The moral is, don't trust everything you see and hear on the internet.... especially when it comes to sharpening scissors. 

3rd Feb 2017 Bonnie Megowan

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