Bronner Brother's Hair Show February 10-12, 2018 Special Deals

The Bronner Brother's Winter Hair Show in Atlanta, GA. 

It is the most anticipated show of the year and one of the largest in the country. This year we at Bonika Shears look forward to the show.  We are exhibitors. Do not call us for tickets. Go to the website for tickets!

Last year our company was honored with a special award from the Bronner Brothers Hair Show as an outstanding exhibitor after 20 years exhibiting at the show. This year will mark our 21st consecutive year as an exhibitor at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and the 71st year of the Bronner Bros presenting this show.

Our booth will be near the front, #616 and will have shear sales and sharpening at our table. Please come by and greet "Mom and Pop", try out some shears and drop off your shears for professional on-site sharpening. 

We are most proud the the world famous celebrity stylist Derek J will once again be offering FREE classes cutting with our Bonika Shears. He has beek called the "Stylist in Stilletos," because of the notoriety of his footwear. You have seen him in action on various TV shows and movies as well as seen his work from behind the scenes.

You will be inspired and empowered by his class "Haircutting, Fast, Easy and Fun." Be sure to schedule coming to his classes on Saturday at 4:30 PM and Sunday at 10AM, both in room 108 at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show. We will be offering some incredible deals in the class. Print out the flyer below so you can be planning your purchase. Note we take all credit cards and even offer EZPAY so everyone can afford to own the same shears that have made Derek J famous as a haircutter and a stylist.

Do you want one of these deals, but can't come to the class? Call us at Bonika Shears 770-972-4332 and we can put together something for you. 

1st Feb 2018 Bonnie Megowan

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