Bonika Ambassadors

Bonika Ambassadors

We are often asked if we hire people to work for us on stage. We have had people like Derek J, Yancey Edwards, Frances London Dubose, Denise Michelle, Naitcole Michelle, Sharon Reams, Tomeka James, E. Hosea Hicks, Fingaz, Jerome Allen, Mags Kavenaugh, Nikita Smith, Franco Magotta, Mario Yildiz, Kathryn Pilzcuk, Leah Watson, Dave Ray, Rhonda Brown, Robin Dimarchi, Marvin Hayes, Sheilah Tate to name a few educate while using our shears. (I'm sure I left a half dozen other top names out!)

We are a small boutique shear company. The many platform artists who have discovered us and use our shears we now call them "Family" as well as our Bonika Ambassadors. We do not pay them, but often work cooperatively with them at hair shows so they can sell their educational programs and DVD and we sell our shears.

Question: Are you already part of our family? Are you currently using and loving our shears? We would love to add your information to our website under "Stylists Who Love Our Shears" and possibly look at working together in the future. Please contact us via phone, email or Facebook messaging and let's get together.

2nd Apr 2014 Bonnie Megowan

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