Bigger selection and more accurate measurement for washers for Scissors

Beauty Shear WashersWelcome to the bizarre and confusing world os beauty shear washers. There is no standardization on screws for beauty shears and scissors. Because screws are all sorts of sizes, the washers are also various sizes to fit the scissors. Washers wear down, are lost or break and must often be replaced. Here at Bonika Shears we stock some of the most complete sizes of washers available on the internet for scissor sharpeners but this has been a formidable task. We often have to order washers from several companies and several countries to get our large selection. Even doing that, the washers which we order by the same part number may vary up to 5 mm in size. therefore, we measure each batch of washers that come in and organize them accordingly. this is why sometimes your favorite washer may or may not be available. 

We then sort them and count them one by one into little bags, often using little people (grandchildren) to do this. As in the photo here, not all of the holes are perfectly centered in the washers. sometimes there is a little rough edge on a washer. This can not be helped nor can each washer be inspected. Please understand the difficulties we face with this.

At the time of this writing we have 9 sizes of washers. The product code will tell you the washer size. For instance a washer code of #WWAD55H4 is a white washer with a outside diameter of 5.5 mm and an inside diameter of 4 mm. Measurements are very difficult. You see me in the photo below using a micrometer to measure the inside hole. If the plastic washer stretches it can affect the measurement up to a couple of mm. 

Please refer to our website for ordering washers at Notice the photo shows 6 washers, but we now have 9 and very likely more sizes in the future. The current sizes are 7, 6, 5.5, 4.6 and 4 mm with various hole sizes. There is no longer an assortment, but there may be such sets in the bargain room of our Sharpeners Jam when we sweep the floor once a year and pick up all the loose washers.

Here at Bonika Shears we will strive to stock more and more parts as we are able to obtain them to make the life of the scissor sharpener and those of their customer happier.

5th Jan 2016 Bonnie Megowan

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