Ball Bearing Screws

What is a ball bearing screw on beauty shears and why are they more expensive than other screw assemblies? Shears with ball bearing screws do ball bearing screwnot need a washer that tends to wear out and tear over time. There are actual tiny balls within this part that makes the pivot very smooth. When this piece becomes missing which is frequent in the sharpening process, it is often hard to find and replace, especially in a timely manner. The shear is unusable without this part and there are no other parts that can substitute for this. The well equipped sharpener who comes to your salon should have at least one or two of these expensive but precious items in their supply kit. 

In the early days of my career sharpening in the 80"s, the leaf style thumb nut screw was newest innovation followed by the thumb adjusting screw with a hidden external clicker plate. Next we saw the introduction of what we call the UFO screw and the innovation of the internal clicker plate. These ball bearing systems can work with both UFO style screws as well as thumb adjusting screws with internal clicker plates. 

As new innovations appear in scissor parts, Bonika Shears attempts to stock these items for the scissor sharpeners and beauty shear sharpeners who call on hair salons, barber shops and dog grooming parlors along with the other sharpening equipment, educational DVD's and ongoing training.

18th Feb 2016 Bonika Shears

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